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Recording Samples





Bogdan Stefcu - Adventure 1

Bogdan Stefcu - Adventure 1

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George Ark  -  Civil Striving

George Ark - Civil Striving

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Marco Rosetti - 1M1

Marco Rosetti - 1M1

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Recording "The Ghost Lights" Original Score | Recording Session with Brandon Maahs and Cinemagic

Recording "The Ghost Lights" Original Score | Recording Session with Brandon Maahs and Cinemagic

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What Composers Say


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My experience with Cinemagic Scoring has been an amazing one. Great performers, high professionalism and excellent service quality in every detail, from the score submission to the final recording delivery. It is a unique opportunity for composers to get their music recorded by a real, professional and talented orchestra for a competitive rate. Highly recommended.

Emanuele D'Onofrio, Italy, Composer

D'Onofrio Symphony - Number 1 Movement 1 (Fismer Hall | CPO)

Gavin Potter and John Walton are professional (and talented) composers who understand how valuable and important a quality recording with a professional orchestra can be, and they have found a way to make it affordable for the rest of us. Their shared-session recording model has been a Godsend for me. They deliver a professional sounding product, and maintain a personal touch throughout the entire process. Composers can even arrange to watch and interact with the session in real-time from anywhere in the world. I have been fortunate enough to use their arrangement services as well. I believe that John Walton’s talent has added an entirely new dimension to my work. I recommend Cinemagic Scoring to everyone that I can, from students to educators to my fellow composers. I can’t say enough good things about them.

John Kuhns, USA, Composer

John Kuhns - Introductio Heroicis (Milestone Studios | CPO)

In today's musical environment, remote sessions are becoming the norm. As independent cinema becomes more prominent in the post-streaming world, filmmakers and composers are looking for top-tier musicians who can work from anywhere, and on a moment's notice. I was thoroughly impressed with what Cinemagic Scoring provided in terms of musicianship, speed, and recording quality. We were able to record an original orchestral score at the fraction of the cost of a European or L.A. session! Many composers who are in the early stages of their career, working on low budget films, don't have access to the necessary and invaluable experience of running their own sessions. Cinemagic provides that experience where it's needed most, to whom it's needed most. I look forward to working with Gavin and John again and again when possible.

Brandon Maahs, USA, Composer

Brandon Maahs' String Session - Behind the Scenes @ Milestone Studios

Having recorded orchestras over the past 13 years in various countries, and working with some of the best musicians the industry has to offer in my career as a music producer and film composer, I am happy to say that Cinemagic Scoring is easily on par with the top professionals in the world. From the world-class orchestration which they offer, to the seamless recording sessions and professional and technical competence of the players, I was very pleased with the end result. The pricing was very competitive, and they’re also nice people! Highly recommended to anyone who may have large or small projects which require orchestral recording of a high standard.

Bruce Retief, South Africa, Film Composer

Bruce Retief - The Tide ft. Mr. J (Milestone Studios | CPO)
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