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Session Types


You get the entire session and orchestra. Depending on the score length, full sessions can be one or multiple days long.

Full sessions are ideal for movie, TV, game and album scores.


Our shared session approach allows you to book and pay for only the time you need. This is the perfect method to reduce the costs of recording shorter pieces of music that do not require an entire session. We distribute the cost of the full session amongst composers which means you only pay for the amount of time you need.

Shared sessions are ideal for jingles, podcast theme music, and short portfolio pieces.

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Venue Options



We have partnered with Milestone Studios and will record your score section by section, giving you the most control of your recording


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Concert Hall

We will record your score in a concert hall if you desire such acoustics

Session Rates

These are our base prices. The final quote price is subject to evaluation of the score.


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