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What's it like being a library (production) music composer?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The music sync licensing world is one that many composers are now getting into. The promise of writing music to be used in great TV shows, films, and trailers, whilst earning decent money, is actually a possibility. But it's a slow game, requiring many hours of practice, composing, getting to the right publishers, waiting for your songs to be picked up and used in a show, and then still waiting 9 months upwards for the royalties to come through.

It's certainly not a get-rich scheme, the exact opposite actually. But the results from our 2022 composer survey show us great promise that the industry is booming and the rewards await those who work hard and have a ton of patience.

In this survey, we asked nearly 200 composers from all across the world (anonymously) what their current situation is in library music, from money to health, to time, and what is required to make a success.

Download the survey here. No email is required, just enjoy the read and get a real insight into this wonderful world of sync licensing.

Download PDF • 2.37MB

Connect with us to discuss your project and your needs through our booking form.

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