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Cinemagic Scoring: The Choice for World-Class Orchestral Recordings

Have you ever wondered what it takes to produce an orchestral recording that truly captures the essence of a composer's vision? Look no further than Cinemagic Scoring, a team of professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality orchestral recordings for film, television, and other projects.

Hear from the composers who have recently worked with Cinemagic Scoring at one of our shared recording sessions and experienced the magic for themselves.

Bruce Retief

A music producer and film composer with over 13 years of experience recording orchestras worldwide said:

Film composer Bruce Retief sitting at a piano
Film composer and Music producer Bruce Retief
"I am happy to say that Cinemagic Scoring is easily on par with the top professionals in the world. From the world-class orchestration which they offer, to the seamless recording sessions and professional and technical competence of the players, I was very pleased with the end result."

Gilmour Gordon

A composer dreaming of hearing his orchestral composition come to life for over a decade praised Cinemagic Scoring's team for making it possible.

John Walton conducting a recording session
Cinemagic Scoring's John Walton conducting a recording session
"Conductor John Walton led the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra with passion and precision, ensuring that every note of my composition was captured with the utmost care and attention to detail. The result was an extraordinary recording that exceeded my expectations.," he said. "I look forward to recording with Cinemagic Scoring again, and I can't recommend their team and the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra highly enough."

Vusumzi Tsham

Vusumzi Tsham (Left) and Gaving Potter (Right) at Cinemagic Scorings shared recording session
Vusumzi Tsham (Left) and Gavin Potter (Right) at Cinemagic Scorings shared recording session

Cinemagic Scoring's Board of Directors sponsored Vusumzi to record his orchestral composition with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra. He called the experience:

"a dream come true." He added, "I look forward to working with Cinemagic in the future as their work is innovative and reflects hybridity of contemporary world-class musicianship through the use of a professional orchestra and a world-class studio."

But what sets Cinemagic Scoring apart from other orchestral recording studios? For one, they offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Their team of professionals includes world-class musicians, conductors, and engineers who are passionate about bringing a composer's vision to life. And with a state-of-the-art studio in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, they provide a unique and inspiring environment for composers and musicians alike.

Whether you have a large-scale project that requires orchestral recording or want to elevate your music to the next level, Cinemagic Scoring has the expertise and passion to make it happen. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration make them the choice for world-class orchestral recordings. Contact us today to learn more about their services and how they can help bring your music to life.

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