• Recording

    Get your music remotely recorded by a full, professional symphony orchestra. We offer the following two recording services:



  • Composition

    We compose in a variety of styles from orchestral to rock. Music can be composed in all genres to meet clients’ musical needs, including:


    • Film

    • Television

    • Game Scores

    • Advertising

    • Mood Music

    • Special Occasions

  • Orchestration

    By enhancing your music with an orchestration, we will ensure your work reaches its full latent sonic potential.


    We have a network of professional orchestrators who are au-fait with every conceivable style of orchestral music. This includes:

    • Baroque

    • Classical

    • Romantic

    • Contemporary

    • Serious Symphonic Works 

    • Jazz 

    • Big-Band

    • Pop

    • Rock

    • House

    If you require assistance with the notation, we can transform your DAW composition into a fully notated orchestral score.

  • Arrangement

    With extensive professional arranging experience, the Cinemagic Scoring team is able to advise you on how to further develop your music or do it on your behalf.


    If you have a rough idea for a song/musical idea, Cinemagic Scoring can: 


    • Develop your arrangement, consistent with industry-standard norms

    • Advise on textures and styles to be applied to your song in order to enhance it further

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*for recordings less than 30 minutes in length please use links provided above.

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