Join Us for Trailer Day

Record your music at our recording session with our 42 piece professional Orchestra, The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, and you could get a chance to have your track featured Alloy Tracks, a leading boutique LA publishing companies forecoming industry album release. 


Alloy Tracks has had tremendous success with placements in trailers for film such as

  • How To Train Your Dragon

  • The Kings Man

  • Annabelle

  • Hobbs & Shaw

  • Abominable

  • Dawn of Planet of the Apes

  • Avengers

  • ....and many, many more.


By being on this album you and having a live orchestra on your track, your chances of landing a huge trailer placement have just gone up by 1 000%, potentially earning you thousands of dollars.

Even if you are not selected for the album (maybe due to your style/genre is not a fit for this particular release), you still can send your track off to publishers to hopefully be included in one of their upcoming albums.

How It Works

We have spoken to Music Supervisors and they said they are looking for tracks that are in the following style: xxxxxxx.  Therefore, the album will be based around this style so write a track that you think could fit on the album. 


For a reference, listen to xxxxxx.


Once you have your track, send it to us at and we will forward to the publishing company for considering if it’s a good fit. 

If you get a YES from the publisher, congratulations, you will be included on the album. 

If you get a NO, don’t despair, you can still join us on Trailer Day and use the track to market yourself to other publishers who may have a better fit for your piece.

Sign up to either record a 1:30 piece of music or a 2:30 piece of music (you can do more than one track as well if you like) via this link www.cinemagicscoring.xxxxx

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