Need music composed for your film, TV show or game.  We compose in a variety of styles from ochestral to rock.


Adding an orchestra to your song or album and take it to the next level. Let us professionally orchestrate it for you


Professional arrangements done from pop to classical music.


Get your music recorded by a professional 52 piece orchestra in a state of the art studio.

Need music composed for your film, TV show or game.  We compose in a variety of styles from orchestral to rock.

Gavin Potter and John Walton are composers/arrangers who between them have decades of combined experience within the professional music industry.

Gavin specializes in composition and arrangement for film, TV and game scores with a strong influence on contemporary orchestration with hybrid, modern elements (or even traditional instruments) brought in where necessary.  He composes from soft orchestral, African, Irish to hard rock and metal. 

John, although also a composer/arranger, specializes in orchestration and has had his orchestrations performed world-wide.  These include scores used to back Eurovision Stars and performances given by many top professional orchestras inter-alia the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  He has orchestrated music for Superstars such as Ronan Keating and Maher Zain which were performed by the original artists with symphony orchestras.

Between Gavin and John music can be composed in all genres to meet clients’ musical needs: be it in advertising, film scores or mood music for any occasion.

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