Need music composed for your film, TV show or game.  We compose in a variety of styles from ochestral to rock.


Adding an orchestra to your song or album and take it to the next level. Let us professionally orchestrate it for you


Professional arrangements done from pop to classical music.


Get your music recorded by a professional 52 piece orchestra in a state of the art studio.

If you have a rough idea for a song/musical idea Cinemagic Scoring can develop this consistent with industry standard norms, or if the structure of the song is already as you intend it to be, we can advise on textures and styles to be applied to enhance it further.


With extensive professional arranging experience the Cinemagic Scoring team is able to advise you on how to further develop your music or do it on your behalf.  Individual quotes will be supplied upon request for this service.

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Composition, Orchestration, Arrangement & Recording
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